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(Updated 16th November, 2019)

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RARE, and a real piece of fountain-pen history.
c.1914 A.A.WATERMAN No.20 Eyedropper,
complete with decorative gold band on the
cap - with un-engraved cartouche


Not to be confused with the more famous L.E Waterman Co.,
who sued Arthur Waterman, resulting in a court ruling
that from 1912 onwards, all of this pens (and nibs)
should contain this phrase:

Although that part of the inscription is worn on this pen,
you can still just make it out ,
and the nib inscription is extremely clear

The clip is the original A.A. clip, marked PAT 30.12, and
the nib is the original MEDIUM flexible, though
it does have a small splits radiating from the breather hole

£100 (a real bargain)

Another rarity for this website
(since we do not have a Sheaffer page)

and what a beautiful pen this is -
all the way from around 1925 - a LIFETIME SENIOR !

(the pictures don't do it justice)
(click on the images below for larger pictures)

Virtually MINT, with superb original colouring, no marks,
and the original gold-filled letters on the barrel inscription

with original large FINE Lifetime nib

You'll be hard put to it to find another one in such wonderful condition
and at this price



And here is another Sheaffer
(click on the images below for larger pictures)
Sheaffer Burgundy Snorkel
From the mid 1950's and attractive Burgundy
in full working order.
Click HERE to see the snorkel extended
Sheaffer Burgundy Snorkel
In excellent cosmetic condition, with its
original MEDIUM 14K No.5 nib
(click HERE and HERE for pictures of the nib)



And yet another Sheaffer
From the mid 1950's another
in full working order.
In very good cosmetic condition, with its
original MEDIUM/BROAD 14K No.5 nib



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