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Fountain Pens for the Million

By Stephen Hull

Brief Synopsis

This book is the second in a series that will cover some of the most important English pen manufacturers and their products. It covers 100 (effectively 80) years existence of one of the best-known and best-loved of the English pen makers who were founded in 1905, went into liquidation in 1975 and re-surfaced in 1994.

In 288 pages and 140 sections, over 10 (chronological) chapters, this work contains much hitherto unpublished material, such as who (including at least one English and two US pen manufacturers) made Conway Stewart’s pens during the early years, how the company struggled to make pens during WW2 and why the company went bust in 1975.

As well as being a volume of history, it is also a reference book, with 30 pages of appendices providing great detail, for example, on the hundreds of so-far known pen and pencil model numbers and the specifications of the many Dinkie models made during the 50 years of the pen’s existence.

There are more than 700 full-colour images (most at actual size) of pens, pencils, ink pencils and other items, as well as dozens of adverts and leaflets, shots of the factories and personnel and some personal reminiscences of relatives of the founders and former directors and employees.

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Printed on silk-finished paper with a black, uncoated hard cover with gold-foiled lettering and a glossy colour dust jacket, featuring Conway Stewart products, 1906-2002.

The Limited Edition version (of 100) is the same but will also have a hard cover slip-case with gold-foil lettering and a label, identifying the edition number, signed by the author.

Availability and Prices

The book will be launched at The London Writing Equipment Show at Kensington Town Hall on October 3, 2010; though copies for general purchase will not be available until after that date - hopefully mid to late October..

The standard version will retail at £65 ($95) and the Limited Edition at £85 ($125), packing and postage extra on both versions, at cost.

Initially, enquiries, reservations and orders, from UK customers only, should be directed to us here at and will be handled and shipped from the UK. We will keep a detailed list of your requirements, and will advise you when the book is available, and the total cost, including postage.

All orders for the Limited Edition versions, and for the general edition for overseas customers, other than the USA, should be addressed directly to the author at and will also be handled and shipped from the UK.

A stock of standard versions will be held by Pendemonium ( of Iowa, for sale and shipment within the USA.


The preferred methods of payment are either by UK £ sterling cheque or sterling bank transfer. Paypal is also acceptable, though a 4.75% premium will be levied.